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I think about the #EndSARS protest a lot. I remember telling someone that if this government should actually give in to the demands of the protesters, I would give up my dream of leaving the country. It was the happiest I had ever been because young people were being humane and cooperative. I can’t forget how people chased down thieves or how they dealt with guys who harassed women.
The aftermath made us all wallow in obvious anguish because after killing innocent protesters, crazy things kept happening. People who publicly enabled the protest got their bank accounts blocked and they were unable to access money. Others had their international passports barred and they could not leave the country.

At some point, these guys must have needed money to pay for stuff and a lot of them were held captive and would need money for bail but all their accounts were closed leaving them to the mercy of others. Crypto comes to the rescue in situations where your regulated bank account has been blocked.
But then, will KFC or Shoprite be able to accept payments in cryptocurrencies?

Another peculiar scenario where centralisation forced the adoption of Crypto is the Taliban taking over Afghanistan. Due to the turmoil caused by the overthrow, foreign aid had to be sent via cryptocurrencies. Western Union and Banks had to shut down temporarily and this made people purchase stuff with Cryptocurrencies. Even businesses had to set up crypto wallets to get payment.

The truth is that Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are becoming a necessity, centralized finance(CEFI) cannot keep it together, the 2008 global financial crisis is proof of that and it is no coincidence that Bitcoin went public a year after that.

Cefi to a very good extent is inefficient and the obvious solution is Crypto, we need Crypto to improve what it has always made attainable especially when it comes to payments; domestic or international.
There needs to be a solution that enables people to pay businesses with Cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world and of any size especially small-scale businesses.

Fortunately, a solution exists and it’s more than just getting paid, it’s about making money when you get paid.


With LazerPay, businesses can collect payments in crypto from their customers all over the world. Payments are expected to be fast and even though LazerPay promises remarkable speed. The icing on the cake they serve is actually that businesses do not have to just get paid, they can get the money they paid invested via crypto staking on Defi platforms or protocols and earn some more money on the money they made.

LazerPay for me is doing something phenomenal for businesses, they are implementing Web 3.0 just before our eyes. Web 3.0 is the age of incentivisation and true democratization via interoperability on the internet.

LazerPay offers incentives by helping merchants and businesses invest their money and they also offer interoperability by stacking that money in Defi protocols. This simply means that all a business has to do is set up an account, get paid and leave their money to grow.

It’s Crypto, What About Risk?

One distinct feature about the crypto industry is that it is volatile and that is because no market sees the kind of mass liquidation cryptocurrencies and tokens face on a periodical basis. People lose and make money by the hour but then LazerPay has circumvented that risk by working with stablecoins.

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies pegged to a regulated fiat currency, being pegged means the value of that cryptocurrency will always be attached to the value of the fiat currency. A good example is DAI or USDT which are both pegged against the dollar.

Using stablecoins means enjoying the stability of regulated currencies without the risk of regulators.

The Future:

A lot has been said about LazerPay’s investment and payment solution for businesses but then there are other things to expect, one of which is that they will be offering businesses loans.

  1. International Expansion: The thing about crypto products is that they are not restricted by borders. LazerPay will not be any different, we can expect to see LazerPay build a community of businesses across different countries. In no time, we will see a network of businesses that even other businesses will patronize.
  2. Strategic Partnerships: This is still within the context of expansion but for businesses, LazerPay will see remarkable developer activity and with that more startups will plug crypto payments into their existing options. As stated before, crypto does not have boundaries and so we will see businesses leverage solutions like LazerPay to do soft launches in other markets. Partnerships with businesses like Norebase would make it easy for startups to expand their reach. Other partnerships would be with e-commerce and social commerce companies like Bumpa to enable their own customers get Crypto as a payment solution.
  3. Democratised Capital: As stated before, LazerPay is working on offering loans to its communities. In the future, LazerPay will have a considerable amount of value locked in Defi protocols for its customers as an investment. There is no reason why LazerPay cannot start offering high cap loans to its customers with money invested by other customers.

Globalisation is not taking volunteers, one way or the other people are interacting with each other across borders, as a business owner, you need to start thinking about taking necessary steps to be a part of the global ecosystem and ensure you can get paid for your goods or services from anywhere in the world.

Start today with LazerPay

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